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LK SeatedLester began his spiritual journey in the mid-70’s adopting a regular meditation practice. Desiring to balance with the physical and work through some back problems, he added a yoga practice in the early 2000’s. Wanting to deepen the practice more, Lester completed the Yoga World Reach 200 hour certificate in 2013. Along with studying many aspects of Yoga, he has also been certified to teach Principle Based Partner Yoga along with certification for teaching Yoga to Youth at Risk. He also has received additional training in Yoga anatomy.

Lester’s training in western philosophy and psychology combined with zen meditation and traditional schools of yoga brings an interesting mix to his teaching style. His intention is to bring traditional values and benefits of yoga to each practice combining philosophy, asana, pranayama and meditation geared to the needs of each student.

Hatha Slow Yoga was born out of desire to find a way to bring relevance of traditional yoga to a fast-paced world. The idea that we all need to stop and take time to breathe, be quiet and find unity. And through that process we may each find our way to bliss.