Hatha Slow Yoga

Find Your Bliss

tn AnahatasanaAnahatasna is also know as puppy pose or melted heart pose.

Benefits: Opens the shoulders, upper back, neck and the chest. Great preparatory pose for Downward dog as it helps to open the back without the pull of the ham strings.

Finding the asana:
  1. Begin in table top.
  2. Walk the hands forward while keeping the hips stacked over the knees.
  3. Drop the head between the elbows. 
  4. Let the head relax towards the floor.
  5. Tent the fingers to get a deeper stretch.
  6. Hold for 5-15 slow breaths.(Or more if desired.)


  • Place the hands flat instead of tenting the fingers for a less intense stretch.
  • Bring the gaze forward with the chin to the mat.
  • For a deeper stretch bring the hands to prayer over the head.
  • For very tight shoulders, bring blocks underneath the chest..

    Upper neck injuries
    Shoulder injuries