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tn Ajananeyasana1Anjaneyasana – Anjaneya is a mythical figure from the Ramayana, Hanuman’s mother; Monkey pose, Crescent Lunge may also referred to as low lunge with knee on the floor.

Benefits:  Stretches shoulders, arms, legs, feet, and torso. It strengthens hips, thighs and buttocks. This is a heart opener, back bend and balance pose.  

Finding the asana:

  • Warm up with Bhujangasana, (cobra) Namaskara A, (Sun Salutation).
  • From Ahdo Mukha Svanasa (Downward Facing Dog), lift the right leg high and step through to low lunge.
  • Find the balance in low lunge with hands of the floor or blocks, feet hips distance apart, front knee over ankle, and front shin perpendicular to the floor. 
  • For low crescent lunge, drop the back knee and top of the back foot to the floor. Keeping the front knee stacked over the ankle, raise the arms high and back looking to the sky. Hands can come out wide or join together for different effects.
  • For high crescent lunge, after finding the balance, lift hands straight off the ground creating a bend in the knee. Keep hips parallel to the front of the mat. Bring your weight between the ball of the front foot and ball off the back foot. 
  • Gaze is high as you sink the hips and find an arch in the full back.
  • Let go of all thought and focus on the balance.
  • Hold for 30 to 60 seconds and repeat on the other side.
  • Pad the knee in low crescent lunge.
  • Hands can come behind you to open the upper chest more.
  • Place the forward toe up against a wall to create more stability.
    Begin with hands on the wall to find the balance.
  • Start in low crescent lunge and rise up to high crescent lunge.
  • Add a twist (Pavritta Anganeyasana) by placing the left elbow to right knee and vice versa.
  • Place the heels against a wall or on a block
  • Bring the back foot in to your same sided hand
  • Bring hands to hips if you have shoulder issues

tn Ajananeyasana2


Back issues, knee issues.