Hatha Slow Yoga

Find Your Bliss

Vrksa is tree in Sanskrit.


Tones muscles of the legs, back and thorax. Strengthens ankles and opens hips. Improves concentration, posture and balance.

Finding the asana:

1. Begin in Tadasana. Plant standing leg and find all corners of the feet firmly on the ground.
2. Bring hands to heart center.
3. Shift weight to bring standing leg to the center of point of alignment.
4. Turn the knee of the other leg out and bring the heel to the ankle of the standing leg. Take time here to find your balance. Move next to the shin.
5. Bring raised leg to inner thigh or lotus. Press the foot into the thigh for greater stability while rotating the knee laterally.
6. Try to keep hips square, toes pointed down and knee turned out. Torso and shoulders are aligned to the hips.
7. Raise hands to the sky straight up from the shoulders or bring palms to touch
8. Find a point straight out in front of you to fix your gaze, drishti. Hold for 20-60 seconds. Switch to the 

other leg.


Bring raised foot to ankle or shin. Avoid the knee.

Use a wall for support until you are comfortable with your balance and strength.

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