Hatha Slow Yoga

Find Your Bliss

Samadhi is the eigth limb of yoga. It is considered to be the ultimate "goal" or destination of the yogic journey. It is the culmination of our practice of all the other 8 limbs.
One of the difficulties in explaining Samadhi is the fact that it is an entirely elusive concept, especially if it has not been experienced. So here are some  ways that it can be described:
  • Total absorption in the meditative state
  • Trance
  • Absence of Time
  • Merging of the person doing the meditation and the meditation itself.
  • Detachment from the intellect.
  • Union of the Self with the Infinite
  • A state of bliss
  • Contentment and absence of desire

 It is important that you find your way in defining what Samadhi means to you. And through the journey to achieve Samadhi, its meaning will alter or shift in time.

Samadhi is not so much something that you do but the result of all that comes before. So by applying all eight limbs, the effect of Samadhi is ultimately achieved.