How do you describe the absence of something with something? Here are some descriptions of Samadhi:

The highest state of mental concentration.

The self, mind, and object of meditation become one reaching a state of enlightenment.

A deep meditative contemplation that leads to higher consciousness.

A spiritual state of completion.

Full clear and equanimous state of mind.

Ecstatic Consciousness

Meditative Absorption

“Chitta vritti nirodha,” the stopping, or aggregation of, the turning wheel of thoughts

Non-duality, where the self and the world are perceived as one.



Imagine floating in a pool of saltwater, your body perfectly weightless. You feel neither warm nor cold. The water has blocked your ears from sound. All you sense is your breath. And soon you no longer notice that. Your wandering mind stops wandering as you drift off to a blissful place of complete detachment. At this moment you find your samadhi.

Samadhi is timeless. It may be just a moment or it may be a long period. You would not know unless you marked the beginning and the end of the detachment.

Samadhi is without emotion. You are detached from the corporal senses and the emotions. You are free from all that holds you hostage to the physical world. At this moment you have true bliss.

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