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Bliss photo2What is Hatha Slow Yoga?

HSY logo low resHatha has many interpretive meanings, but here we mean the effort that is applied to physical yoga. 

In a fast paced world, we all need time to slow down. So why not take time for slow yoga? Like other ever expanding slow movements; slow food, slow relationships and slow exercise, slow yoga means taking time to savor, be present, and experience the moment to the fullest. It does not mean just slowing down.

By Yoga, it is meant traditional yoga as taught by Patanjali over 2000 years ago. All eight limbs of this yogic tradition are brought into each class.

Hatha Slow Yoga builds strength and flexibility, takes time for breath training, meditation, universal practices, spiritual observances and self-discipline. Each class is intended to help the practitioner find their Bliss! Each week will focus on a unique combination of the physical and spiritual to enhance the practice of the advanced yogi/yogini, while also supporting the initiate. (Beginners Welcome)

Through Yoga, all is possible.

10:30-Noon every Saturday at Tadasana Mountain Yoga in Nederland, CO